Dorm Rooms

We have a range of dormitory rooms all of which contain double bunk beds (prices vary between weekdays and weekends):

  • 8 bed dorm room
  • 6 bed dorm room
  • 4 bed dorm room
  • Ladies-only 8 bed dorm room
  • 3 bed dorm room (triple bunk bed - for private bookings only)

We offer various sizes of dorm/bunk-bed rooms that can accommodate individual travellers as well as groups of various sizes up to 8 people.

All bunk bed rooms have access to the shared bathrooms. Breakfast is free of charge.


All dorms have been halved in size so each guest has their own double bunk bed and is socially distanced from others

Enhanced hygiene and cleaning programme


We also operate two-bed dorm rooms exclusively for female guests with access to a shared bathroom for female guests only.

Private Rooms

We have a variety of private rooms designed to meet your budget and taste. Please find our list below (prices vary between weekdays and weekends).

  • Double bed en-suite 1 with HD LED TV, large wardrobe and modern shower/WC room
  • Double bed en-suite 2 with HD LED TV, wardrobe and shower/WC room
  • 2 single bed (twin) en-suite with HD LED TV
  • Double bed (shared bathroom)
  • Triple bunk bed

Lounge & Dining Areas

The lounge, dining areas and garden are where you can come hang out, eat socialise or watch TV. We have lots of space. You can make yourself a beverage or something to eat in the communal kitchen and its a few steps to either the dining areas, lounge or garden.

Breakfast is served from 7am-10am and consists of 4 different cereals, toast with spreads (jam and peanut butter), fruity juices and tea and coffee. You can also use our kitchen to cook meals outside of breakfast time and can help yourself to complementary tea and coffee any time. The kitchen is open 24 hours a day.


For those in the dormitory and private non-ensuite rooms we have a number of modern new shower and WC rooms.

We have cleaning staff on duty 24/7 and the bathrooms are cleaned many times throughout the day.

If you need a towel (£5 initial charge, £2.50 refund on return on towel) or hair dryer (£10 deposit), please ask reception - we also have an ironing board available too.

If you at any time need a shower or toilet to be cleaned in addition to our scheduled cleaning, please let reception know and we will be happy to help. We value cleanliness very highly and always want to make sure that the showers, toilets & bathrooms are kept at a very high hygiene standard.

For the female dorm rooms we also have a shared bathroom exclusive for use by ladies.


We have a brand new kitchen with 2 ovens and hobs, 2 sinks, a dishwasher, fridge, microwave oven, tea & coffee making facilities and more. Feel free to rustle yourself up some food & beverages and take a few steps into either the garden or one of our two dining zones.

Kitchen Times - Open: 24/7

Breakfast is served free of charge from 7am-9am and consists of 4 different cereals, toast with spreads (jam and peanut butter), fruity juices and tea and coffee. You can also use our kitchen to cook meals outside of breakfast time and can help yourself to complimentary tea and coffee any time. The kitchen is generally available 24h a day.

We recommend putting your personal food in a bag and labelling it with your name, room number and departure date before you place it in the fridge. To label your food for the fridge our reception has labels and pens available.


For your exclusive use, we have a large patio garden at the rear of the building.

Garden Times
Garden Opens: 07:00
Garden Closes: 23:00

This is a great place to relax after a long day of sightseeing & walking around London. When the weather is warm this is also a great place for larger groups of guests to have dinner outside.

We also have a BBQ station for great evenings of grilling outdoors.

The garden opens at 7am so you can enjoy your breakfast or even your morning workout outside, too. Even when it rains our large tree provides ample protection for you to be able to stay outside even longer.

Out of respect to our neighbours the garden is closed at 11pm to keep noise levels down.

Garden Tip: If you are sitting outside with friends when it is dark, please ask reception to switch the lights on for you ;)

If you are lucky you might run into a very friendly puppy called Harry or a very cool & relaxed cat called Tyson.